Our Mission

The mission of Serving Children and Reaching Families is to give at-risk children and families the opportunity to reach their full potential by breaking down barriers, increasing community support and maximizing personal growth.

Service Philosophy and Principles

SCARF was born out of a well-known adage: “Only a life lived for others is a life worth living.”  Its founding members looked around and saw many societal ills that stirred their hearts: children in poverty, families torn apart by drugs, violence, or absent parents, decrease in school retention, and domestic disputes that result in tragedy.  Moved to serve and compelled to make a difference, the founders were determined to reach families in the way they know best–through service.  And when things became difficult and seemed impossible, they renewed their motivation and commitment by reminding themselves of their original questions-why?

Why work with children?family with house of hands

-because the heart hurts when one child hurt

Why work with families?

-because strong families equal stronger children

 Why more than one service?

-because life is complex and hard, and we must not be afraid to tackle the hard stuff

 Why Us?

-because “to whom much is given, much is required”

To help achieve their goals, the founders and all employees of SCARF are guided by these fundamental principles:
  • We always operate under ethical and professional guidelines
  • We serve the best way we know how, and when there is a better way, we educate ourselves and implement it immediately
  • We seek out potential greatness in ourselves and in the families we serve
  • We look for individual and family strength(s) during every stage of care
  • We advocate for better quality, service and access for the most vulnerable; and
  • We never forget our Mission!

SCARF welcomes the opportunity to serve you: Children, Adolescents and Adults

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