Adolescent Substance Abuse Program

Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)

(Osceola, Orange, Seminole, & Polk areas)

SCARF’s ASAP goal is to assess, educate, treat and achieve a long-lasting sobriety for every patient.   ASAP provides outpatient addiction services through assessment and counseling to children and adolescents who are at risk of having involvement with alcohol or drugs, or those who have tested positive for substance.  The ASAP consists of both group and individual counseling within our office and individual therapy within patients’ homes or schools.

If desired and authorized by client/parent, our trained staff provides monthly progress notes and/or attendance records to identify agency personnel.

Eligibility Criteria: children 11 to 18 years of age
Service Providers: All certified substance abuse providers, including master’s-level therapists, independently licensed therapists and psychologists.
Payment Options: Affiliated agency, fee-for-service, Medicaid and a range of HMO’s and private insurance companies.
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